Sights in Europe

March 14th, 2017

Outdoor und Indoor

Outdoor und Indoor

I love to travel and see new products and designs.

On one such trip I found some very down to earth outdoor furniture by Ante Neo a German Wood Producer.

The design is simple with strong straight lines, but the cushions seem to make the whole set pop!

The set is called the Loungegarnitur.  www(dot)ante-neo(dot)de

Machine Design

April 2nd, 2012

Industrial Design Excavator

Industrial Design Excavator

The walking excavator is not a new idea, but I think future adaptations in a mid-size product line such as a new Liebherr 417, with updated cab styling of the interior for advanced in-cab computer power could be promising..

This machine slews like a standard excavator for dumping the spoil, as the main pivot between the upper and lower sections remains relatively the same. But the lighter construction of the arms, and cabin made from a reinforced polymer – enables the machine to adjust its balance to move heavier materials in the bucket without pulling itself off its feet. Combined with the larger footprint to reduce ground pressure, multiple function levelling gives operators increased performance for sensitive areas, such as city maintenance of underground cables and piping, or where landscaping might need to be left relatively untouched in sensitive environmental areas.

This concept might appear like a cumbersome mechanical elephant but, just as in nature where large animals create efficiencies to live and move about successfully, the improvements in robotics and energy efficiency come into play with this design. The idea of a fuel cell hydrogen-electric hybrid came to mind and the concept reflects this in the hydro-blue colour accents and LED light piping. The fuel cell-look is encapsulated between the chassis and upper housing promoting the advanced technology inside.

Industrial Design Excavator Cab

Industrial Design Excavator Cab

IDWS is a contributor to IVT the International Industrial Vehicle Technology Magazine ivtinternational in the UK.

Industrial Design Process in Video

November 18th, 2011

Design Video: In Progress!

In the design process there are many things that need to take place from concept to production.

Industrial Design Video Link

Industrial Design - Sketch

Industrial Design - Sketch

Here David Duncan from IDWS Inc. | Innovative Design WorkShop is seen working on a new product with in-house engineering as an R&D partner to bring innovative new products to market.

Industrial Design Clay

Industrial Design Clay

From Sketching out new ideas, to the development of the sketch into a 3D format using a mock up material such as Automotive Clay for concept buy-in.

We then draw upon our sculpting skills in the computer to improve upon the shape and sculpt the form into 3D CAD with Rhino3D surfacing.  Where we can add symmetry, style features, build in structural features, as well as add sourced components to make sure everything fits.  This new computer file can be easily transferred into full CAD assemblies using parametric modeling software systems like Solid Works for in-house engineering.

Industrial Design Review

Industrial Design Review

The Industrial Design development is shown near the beginging of the video, however this video also offers insight into the whole production process. From the concept, design and engineering stages, into the injection molding process from mold design, inspection of products and final assembly to be shipped out the door.

We offer the ability to do more with your idea, from concept renderings into full 3D CAD for manufacturing, contact David Duncan at IDWS Inc.

Product Marketing Video from Industrial Design 3D CAD

November 18th, 2011

Product marketing : Videos utilize many things in order to convey an idea, and we have had the opportunity to work on a handful of product video releases that show three options.

If you are looking to add a marketing video to your product development, we have worked on taking 3D CAD and get it into our 3D CGI video editor, but also we have assisted with creating unique hand drawn video, as well as reality merged with CGI.

If it requires a little bit of everything, we have done storyboarding, music, voice over, and editing into one package as we collaborate with other professionals to make it a one stop shop for cutting the finished package.  Scroll down to see the 3 video options and styles, video links are provided below the short descriptions.

Story Board

Story Board

Video Option 1:

In this video, the style was to create a hand drawn simplified story line. In which we described the product development process, with a bit of company history, how the ideas get developed and the features of the product. IDWS worked on bridging the hand sketching storyboard with music and voice over into one package.

Industrial Design LED Light

Industrial Design LED Light

Video Option 2:

Because we work to help customers design and develop products from Industrial Design to Manufacturing we create both the concept sketches to start out, but also the process of developing the 3D CAD for manufacturing and virtual product assembly and fit.  But these 3D CAD files can also be used to generate 3D CGI for HD video.  The CRS LED light project used this process to render out the 3D CAD into a format for Video with music background for a trade show presentation.

CRS LED Light CGI Annimation Link

Industrial Design Clay

Industrial Design Clay

Video Option 3:

To blend both the 3D CAD with reality you need to involve both video and CAD and merge them into one video. Here David Duncan from IDWS is seen at the beginning of the video showing the transition of concept development into clay sculpting and onto 3D CAD development. The video goes on to show the production cycle from concept to production.

Industrial Design Clay Sculpting

In the end using this method of marketing can really show the full potential of what your company can offer.  If you need further information about your product or video needs, contact David Duncan by email at IDWS Inc.

Rapid Prototyping - 3D Printing

July 8th, 2011

3D Printing

3D Printing

At IDWS we create new products, either revamping an existing product or creating something new from just an idea or discussion.

We start out by generally drawing out what the product might look like.  Then make very rough volume models to start working out the size and scale of the features… But once refined we then build it in 3D CAD for a first-off virtual build of the concept - something that we can spin around and view from all sides.

Which we can print the CAD file for concept validation in an tangible, real part that you can hold in your hands…. Very Science fiction for those new to the process…

Sometimes this 3D Printing option, can be hard to visualize the process - but watch this video on 3D printing from National Geographic – this is what we use prior to signing off on molding costs … have a look:  3D Printing With National Geographic on Youtube

There are many variations on Printing in 3D, so you have to get the right machine and process for the application required…  So if you’d like more information on this contact us at IDWS Inc. as we’ve used most from SLS, Z-Corp, to FDM and Object printing.

Niagara’s 2011 Top 40 Under Forty Awards

May 12th, 2011

Niagara's Top 40 Under Forty 2011On May 11, 2011, I was able to take home one of Niagara’s 2011 Top 40 Under Forty Awards, celebrating Niagara’s Next Generation of Business Leaders.




The 8th Annual Awards night celebrating the achievements of Niagara’s top 40 Under Forty winners was held at the Quality Hotel Parkway Convention Centre in St. Catharines. 


The 40 Under Forty Business Achievement Awards gives recognition to Niagara’s next generation of business leaders. These 40 individuals are under 40 years of age and consistently make their mark in business and contribute regularly to their respective communities.


Business Link Niagara


David Duncan,

Industrial Designer


Contact Info Page

Rugged Tablet Awarded for Technological Innovation

April 8th, 2011

The Tablet Xpad is a system using the Android OS that provides digital control of the new Air Cooled Almex Quantum Press redesigned by IDWS as a whole system of new product development from the Xpad to the Quantum, as well as a number of other programs to be released shortly.

Seen at the latest SMOPYC show in Zaragoza Spain:


Rugged Tablet


Styled Air Press

The Xpad Tablet and Quantum Press work together to Vulcanize Conveyor Belts.

The Almex Tablet Xpad was awarded special mention, as it brings  “modular functionality that enables a wide range of possible uses within the building activity, including the integrated management of the application by means of communications and information technologies and GPS connections, Internet, etc. Such technologies are being incorporated in the building sector and will, without doubt, have a great impact on this sector in the future, allowing increased efficiency… in the Category of “Services applicable to the Building Activity”. Special mention by the Jury for the ALMEXPAD system for the control of conveyor belt vulcanization presses, presented by I.C. CONVEYOR, S.L.”

SMOPYC:  International show of public works, construction and mining machinery.


Out Innovate!

February 2nd, 2011

When the call came out on May 25, 1961 to send a man to the moon from US Pres. John F. Kennedy, there was no knowledge of what would eventually lead companies into an era of innovation and education.  This is the story we know from the Space program, as it pushed the development of new ideas and products to get to the moon.  And many of these ideas percolated down into other main stream products, creating their own success stories.

So how can we out innovate, out educate and out build the rest of the world, as US Pres. Barack Obama outlined in his State of the Union address on Jan. 25, 2011?  As many have looked at this statement as a vague outline, with over used phrases, I think we are missing something.  What the President is doing, is once again a call for action, a deep review of our industries and to find a vision that will better our companies, and tell a better story – like going to the moon!

If we lack that vision and keep going ahead with what we’ve always done, someone someplace is going to challenge us for our market share.  In Hollywood, building market share in the movie business is to create great movies, but note all great movies have this one major theme: 

“About a character, who wants something, and overcomes conflict to get it.”

This theme is a basic desire that is built into our DNA of our human experience, and probably that one thing that got your company started. 

So what is the next chapter of the story you are writing at your company?

Honda for example looks at their company through this lens: 

“Most people think of Honda as an automobile company.

But our main focus is and always has been human mobility.

And innovation is our engine.”

Honda is writing a story about finding and figuring out how to make mobility better, and more environmentally friendly – less about carbon fuels and more about bio fuels. And the research that they have poured into is about new education that leads to innovation and outbuilding the rest of the world.

The story they embarked on was to duplicate the human motions of walking  ( ) and they ended up with a robot called ASIMO, derived from Isaac Asimov best known author of science fiction books and in movies such as “ I, Robot ” staring Will Smith.

But not only did they create a walking robot, the Honda story continues with spin off products like the UX-3 Personal Mobility (seen below), Stride Management Assist and the Bodyweight Support Assist.


Honda-UX-3 Closed


Honda-UX-3 OPEN


Even further developing new Products with this Eco Mobility technology are the Honda EV Car, the EV CUB, EV Neo Scooter, and the EV Monopal ( ) .


Honda EV-CAR w/ UX-3 in Door




The story that Honda is writing is this; a company that wants something, and is overcoming conflict to get it done.  And you see this when you watch the innovation and the over 180 patents being worked out in the UX-3. 

The Story is not just about a small portable wheeled device to make us lazy at walking, it is about the creative process to create better ideas that lead to innovative products.

The UX-3 is an idea delivered at a cost I’m sure, but the hurdles that Honda faced to get there might one day just make its way into the next future mobility device. One that changes the face of vehicles we know today, creating a competitive advantage that the rest of the world will one day have to catch up to.



Being optimistic about driving a company into the next decade takes a lot of determination, finding your company story will help you create that goal.  Discovering the right team of visionaries and designers to help you overcome the conflicts will help bring out that excellence and competitive advantage, creating a better story for your company’s future.

David Duncan

Watch the Honda UX-3 on Youtube:

How 3D vision can help Product Design

November 22nd, 2010

Walk into any television and stereo entertainment store this fall and you will be witnessing some of the latest 3-D television sets.  Displaying 3D Blu-ray movies and soon to come 3D television shows, 3D documentaries, and even live 3D sports broadcasts.  Imagine NFL football games on Sunday afternoons, let alone how this will improve seeing the undulating fairways and greens while watching Golf and the PGA at Augusta National for the Masters this spring!

Stereo imaging has been around for many years, but this latest advancement in Home Theatres has given us cost effective stereoscopic 3D flat screens and glasses allowing the viewer to travel through space, showing heights, depths and textures like we have never seen before - all right in our own living rooms!  So, when will we adopt this this technology into our everyday Office Space?

Virtual Reality in CAD ( Computer Aided Design) has been around for a decade or more, used often in architecture to show fly through landscapes and streetscapes for construction projects, as well as  with a handful of high-end vehicle designs on Mercedes-Benz and Aston Martin cars.  But this technology is now on the verge of being offered in Tablets and Laptops in a cost effective way getting this into the hands of every designer and engineer at their own desk!   And so what we as a group of professionals really haven’t done before is engage this technology at very basic level of product design involving our engineering and industrial design in the day to day developments of a project. 

Currently the best way to “see” a product for form and fit is to use Rapid Prototyping repeatedly, until we are comfortable with the end result.  This is used currently because so much information and comfort level is lost on the CAD system when only being able to see the parts on a 2D monitor.  

However a handful of companies have developed software and hardware for design professionals to start utilizing this advanced technology allowing for 3-D visual experience.  Nvidia has been developing packages that give new tools to designers to create that next generation of products, 3D Vision gives “graphics solutions for real time collaborating design reviews complex data exploration, immersive realistic 3-D environments and faster time to insight”


In the past 3-D vision technology has been out of reach for most of our desks and was at best used mostly as a board level type design tool.  Imagine now, that the design work environment can be done with 3D visual support on a single desktop monitor, no longer restricted to large projected images or using a CAVE, the rooms specifically designed for virtual reality simulations.

Operating with this kind of 3D vision is really very simple, all you need is a compatible 3D GPU ( graphics processor unit) a 3D vision ready flat screen display or projector and a set of the 3D glasses for viewing.  With many 3D CAD software packages getting into the support of such technologies, companies like Rhino3D, Autodesk, Catia & Siemens are among the handful of CAD developers catering to this new technology.

So the big question is this, How will this new 3D vision change or improve the product development process and lower the costs to create and prototype new ideas and product ventures?   Soon we will know, but it’s probably just a matter of time before the 3D stereoscopic display monitors start to take over, and the replacement of the 2D flat screen monitors in the Engineering and Industrial Design Offices become the norm, offering this new technology to the research and development process.

Finding Design Gems this Summer

August 19th, 2010
Recently after returning home from a camping trip with the family, I stumbled across some camping gear that takes a unique look into the camping experience.  Where form meets function and where Dad would rather spend 5 minutes of set up instead of the 30 to 40 min. traditionally encountered in putting up the tent.  And while this seems like an odd topic for a design review here are a few gems that have brought some thoughts to tap into new ideas in product development. I guess that while it is still August this might be as good as any to transition from vacation back to innovation to help get you thinking about what might be coming down the pipeline for 2011. 
Industrial Design Style Example 1
 Industrial Design Style Example 1
The first product is a tent trailer that is styled after the Sydney Opera House, but with European styling and luxury that no tent trailer has encountered before.  To be released this year the Opera Tent Trailer is made in the Netherlands by YSIN . The concept draws upon architectural roots but the deliverance of this form is where the creativity gives this product uniqueness. Add to the overall form is the treatment of high end materials of Teak and Oak offset with Stainless Steel Accents and LED lighting and you quickly find this experience like one might on a yacht, adding a new market share in the camping experience. 




Industrial Design Style Example 2

 Industrial Design Style Example 2The second is a trailer design that is much more utilitarian or functional, however I still found this to resonate well from both its form and style.  The Sylvan Sport Go tent takes its aim at a crowd with bikes, kayaks and other gear on the weekend getaways.  It’s a brilliant approach of putting the tent overhead in a box frame and dropping down for the quick 5 min. setup.  In age old category of the tent trailers, this sport feel is designed to get you out of the city quick and into the outdoors but still with some creature comforts above the tenting experience.




Industrial Design Style Example 3
Industrial Design Style Example 3

The third is a bit more hard core, this trailer concept from down under gives the true outback experience with mobility of the off road vehicle ruggedness.  The TVAN Track trailer built and sold in Australia is designed for performance and durability, but there is something tough and aggressive about the design and styling of this product line.  

While this review is not extensive, the ideas from seeing unique products from other corners of our globe can help to drive new ideas into the projects we’ve got going on.  From European styling to the North American Sport weekend warrior to the outback adventure tour I’m reminded of how well design of an idea can play a role in creating unique products that people are interested to buy.  So keep your eyes open while the last remaining days of summer draw near, you never know where a burst of inspiration might come from.
As an Industrial Design Firm serving companies looking to bring new ideas to their product development process we continue to blog about new products in the market.  We contribute to the monthly blog for Design Product News Canada.  For more information on Industrial Design services contact us