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Private Equity Firms

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Industrial Design and Private Equity Firms ( Angel Investors ) can work together to bring value into a new product.

New innovators looking for product financing to move their projects forward need to consider the impact that both cash and design investment can have when trying to jump into the market with a new product.

While Private Equity Firms work to bring investors on board, Industrial Design works to bring customers on board. When the design of a product speaks to the functional side and the human desire of want, the end result is the wow factor.

Industrial Design can bring out the intangible – Style! The effect on the product is that style can bring in the much needed ROI – Return on Investment if well thought out.

Just think about the buzz right now over the iPhone, the design costs are out weighted by the Return on Investment.

When making the move to redesign or re-invest into a product think of both the engineering of its function, but also the styling of its appearance and use to the end user.

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