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Smart Phone - Smart Design ??

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Smart Phone Isometric  Smart Phone B Blackberry Update

Are smart phones in need of something more?

Stripped down to a basic geometric shape - the iphone is pushing the market into an early 1960 Braun or Bauhaus look - simplified styling!

But do all smart phones need to follow suit?

Apple is in this groove but how long will it last, what is next down the pipeline for the electronic housing design in 2012 or 2015?

Espresso Machine Industrial Design

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

bosch_sm  saecoodea_sm

Design is becoming more challenging in Espresso makers, just compare the Saeco Odea and the Bosch Machine.
Both have similar colour schemes Black ABS type finish with Silver / Stainless over mold features.
While one machine might appeal more to some, it all comes down to you.  Which one would you like to put onto the counter?
Design plays a unique roll here on our visual senses, as both machines are engineered to make the same drink…
The Industrial Design behind the styling becomes a sole reason on why some might buy one over the other.
So encourage creative design in your business, you’ll never know what might happen when you put an artist along side product engineering!