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Chief Design Officer - Board Room Level

Friday, March 19th, 2010

In light of my recent blog in Design Product News, I mentioned how Ford Motor Company is getting things done right from a design, engineering and technology point of view - in that some of their latest vehicles are fun to drive, look great and have built in technology gadgets for the latest hand held devices.

But I also mentioned the efforts of some companies board rooms and how they are starting to add a Chief Design Officer along side the CFO and CEO positions.

Design importance of a product line plays a critical role in competitive balance sheets and if companies want a greater return on investment for the share holders - cost efficiencies have to go toe to toe with nice looking products too.

And that is where I think the Ford Motor Company has recently seen some success in the market share in this latest recession. Ford started early to change its approach to what it was going to offer consumers and that has started to win back buyers.

So as mentioned in the DPN Blog, the success of products designed here at have always been the results of a CEO or President who has a passion to make their product look better and work better in order to outperform the competition.

So if new design styling is what you think your product line needs, bring that realization to the next meeting and start being innovative, creative and effective on getting Qualitative Design into production - and if you need a little help give us a call.

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