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Rapid Prototyping - 3D Printing

Friday, July 8th, 2011

3D Printing

3D Printing

At IDWS we create new products, either revamping an existing product or creating something new from just an idea or discussion.

We start out by generally drawing out what the product might look like.  Then make very rough volume models to start working out the size and scale of the features… But once refined we then build it in 3D CAD for a first-off virtual build of the concept - something that we can spin around and view from all sides.

Which we can print the CAD file for concept validation in an tangible, real part that you can hold in your hands…. Very Science fiction for those new to the process…

Sometimes this 3D Printing option, can be hard to visualize the process - but watch this video on 3D printing from National Geographic – this is what we use prior to signing off on molding costs … have a look:  3D Printing With National Geographic on Youtube

There are many variations on Printing in 3D, so you have to get the right machine and process for the application required…  So if you’d like more information on this contact us at IDWS Inc. as we’ve used most from SLS, Z-Corp, to FDM and Object printing.