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Out Innovate!

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

When the call came out on May 25, 1961 to send a man to the moon from US Pres. John F. Kennedy, there was no knowledge of what would eventually lead companies into an era of innovation and education.  This is the story we know from the Space program, as it pushed the development of new ideas and products to get to the moon.  And many of these ideas percolated down into other main stream products, creating their own success stories.

So how can we out innovate, out educate and out build the rest of the world, as US Pres. Barack Obama outlined in his State of the Union address on Jan. 25, 2011?  As many have looked at this statement as a vague outline, with over used phrases, I think we are missing something.  What the President is doing, is once again a call for action, a deep review of our industries and to find a vision that will better our companies, and tell a better story – like going to the moon!

If we lack that vision and keep going ahead with what we’ve always done, someone someplace is going to challenge us for our market share.  In Hollywood, building market share in the movie business is to create great movies, but note all great movies have this one major theme: 

“About a character, who wants something, and overcomes conflict to get it.”

This theme is a basic desire that is built into our DNA of our human experience, and probably that one thing that got your company started. 

So what is the next chapter of the story you are writing at your company?

Honda for example looks at their company through this lens: 

“Most people think of Honda as an automobile company.

But our main focus is and always has been human mobility.

And innovation is our engine.”

Honda is writing a story about finding and figuring out how to make mobility better, and more environmentally friendly – less about carbon fuels and more about bio fuels. And the research that they have poured into is about new education that leads to innovation and outbuilding the rest of the world.

The story they embarked on was to duplicate the human motions of walking  ( ) and they ended up with a robot called ASIMO, derived from Isaac Asimov best known author of science fiction books and in movies such as “ I, Robot ” staring Will Smith.

But not only did they create a walking robot, the Honda story continues with spin off products like the UX-3 Personal Mobility (seen below), Stride Management Assist and the Bodyweight Support Assist.


Honda-UX-3 Closed


Honda-UX-3 OPEN


Even further developing new Products with this Eco Mobility technology are the Honda EV Car, the EV CUB, EV Neo Scooter, and the EV Monopal ( ) .


Honda EV-CAR w/ UX-3 in Door




The story that Honda is writing is this; a company that wants something, and is overcoming conflict to get it done.  And you see this when you watch the innovation and the over 180 patents being worked out in the UX-3. 

The Story is not just about a small portable wheeled device to make us lazy at walking, it is about the creative process to create better ideas that lead to innovative products.

The UX-3 is an idea delivered at a cost I’m sure, but the hurdles that Honda faced to get there might one day just make its way into the next future mobility device. One that changes the face of vehicles we know today, creating a competitive advantage that the rest of the world will one day have to catch up to.



Being optimistic about driving a company into the next decade takes a lot of determination, finding your company story will help you create that goal.  Discovering the right team of visionaries and designers to help you overcome the conflicts will help bring out that excellence and competitive advantage, creating a better story for your company’s future.

David Duncan

Watch the Honda UX-3 on Youtube: