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Finding Design Gems this Summer

Thursday, August 19th, 2010
Recently after returning home from a camping trip with the family, I stumbled across some camping gear that takes a unique look into the camping experience.  Where form meets function and where Dad would rather spend 5 minutes of set up instead of the 30 to 40 min. traditionally encountered in putting up the tent.  And while this seems like an odd topic for a design review here are a few gems that have brought some thoughts to tap into new ideas in product development. I guess that while it is still August this might be as good as any to transition from vacation back to innovation to help get you thinking about what might be coming down the pipeline for 2011. 
Industrial Design Style Example 1
 Industrial Design Style Example 1
The first product is a tent trailer that is styled after the Sydney Opera House, but with European styling and luxury that no tent trailer has encountered before.  To be released this year the Opera Tent Trailer is made in the Netherlands by YSIN . The concept draws upon architectural roots but the deliverance of this form is where the creativity gives this product uniqueness. Add to the overall form is the treatment of high end materials of Teak and Oak offset with Stainless Steel Accents and LED lighting and you quickly find this experience like one might on a yacht, adding a new market share in the camping experience. 




Industrial Design Style Example 2

 Industrial Design Style Example 2The second is a trailer design that is much more utilitarian or functional, however I still found this to resonate well from both its form and style.  The Sylvan Sport Go tent takes its aim at a crowd with bikes, kayaks and other gear on the weekend getaways.  It’s a brilliant approach of putting the tent overhead in a box frame and dropping down for the quick 5 min. setup.  In age old category of the tent trailers, this sport feel is designed to get you out of the city quick and into the outdoors but still with some creature comforts above the tenting experience.




Industrial Design Style Example 3
Industrial Design Style Example 3

The third is a bit more hard core, this trailer concept from down under gives the true outback experience with mobility of the off road vehicle ruggedness.  The TVAN Track trailer built and sold in Australia is designed for performance and durability, but there is something tough and aggressive about the design and styling of this product line.  

While this review is not extensive, the ideas from seeing unique products from other corners of our globe can help to drive new ideas into the projects we’ve got going on.  From European styling to the North American Sport weekend warrior to the outback adventure tour I’m reminded of how well design of an idea can play a role in creating unique products that people are interested to buy.  So keep your eyes open while the last remaining days of summer draw near, you never know where a burst of inspiration might come from.
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