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Product Marketing Video from Industrial Design 3D CAD

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Product marketing : Videos utilize many things in order to convey an idea, and we have had the opportunity to work on a handful of product video releases that show three options.

If you are looking to add a marketing video to your product development, we have worked on taking 3D CAD and get it into our 3D CGI video editor, but also we have assisted with creating unique hand drawn video, as well as reality merged with CGI.

If it requires a little bit of everything, we have done storyboarding, music, voice over, and editing into one package as we collaborate with other professionals to make it a one stop shop for cutting the finished package.  Scroll down to see the 3 video options and styles, video links are provided below the short descriptions.

Story Board

Story Board

Video Option 1:

In this video, the style was to create a hand drawn simplified story line. In which we described the product development process, with a bit of company history, how the ideas get developed and the features of the product. IDWS worked on bridging the hand sketching storyboard with music and voice over into one package.

Industrial Design LED Light

Industrial Design LED Light

Video Option 2:

Because we work to help customers design and develop products from Industrial Design to Manufacturing we create both the concept sketches to start out, but also the process of developing the 3D CAD for manufacturing and virtual product assembly and fit.  But these 3D CAD files can also be used to generate 3D CGI for HD video.  The CRS LED light project used this process to render out the 3D CAD into a format for Video with music background for a trade show presentation.

CRS LED Light CGI Annimation Link

Industrial Design Clay

Industrial Design Clay

Video Option 3:

To blend both the 3D CAD with reality you need to involve both video and CAD and merge them into one video. Here David Duncan from IDWS is seen at the beginning of the video showing the transition of concept development into clay sculpting and onto 3D CAD development. The video goes on to show the production cycle from concept to production.

Industrial Design Clay Sculpting

In the end using this method of marketing can really show the full potential of what your company can offer.  If you need further information about your product or video needs, contact David Duncan by email at IDWS Inc.