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CMTS Manufacturing Technology Show

Friday, October 23rd, 2009


Machine Design

With a tour around the annual Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show ( CMTS 2009  ) we stumbled upon the DMG Gildemeister - a German Product line of manufacturing equipment.  With an eye for detail these guys have sights set on making the competition envious.

No longer are CNC Machines or Injection Molding Machines going to be covered by a sheet metal concept to finish the product off, as Engineers will combine their machine assemblies with creative cover concepts from Industrial Designers - to create a first impression WOW factor !

The combination of both math and art, — these two fields ( Engineering and Industrial Design ) work together to push the envelope of product development so that the Marketing Department is proud to show of the latest and greatest.

Look up ’ DMG online Journal ‘  for more company info or contact us see our website.

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